Injured in Portland? You need a Portland Personal Injury Attorney.

October 25, 2011

Outstanding Personal Injury Website for Portland, OR Portland Personal Injury Attorney E.J. Simmons, has a new, very helpful website for folks who have been injured by another’s negligence in or around Portland, Oregon.  The site covers topic including Do I need a lawyer for my claim What you have to do if you are hurt […]

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New Statute Prohibits Naming Trustees as Parties in Civil Cases

September 6, 2011

North Carolina has just ratified a bill, signed by the Governor, that is partially entitled, “AN ACT TO MODERNIZE AND ENACT CERTAIN PROVISIONS REGARDING DEEDS OF TRUST….” S.B. 679, 2011 Sess. Law 312 (the “Act”). The Act, which is effective October 1, 2011, modifies North Carolina General Statutes in Chapters 24 (Interest), 45 (Mortgages and Deeds […]

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Two New North Carolina Condemnation Cases

August 16, 2011 is an online journal of North Carolina eminent domain law for eminent domain lawyers and other professionals as well as for lay people who are interested in North Carolina land condemnation law. North Carolina condemnation lawyers as well as lay people seem to find it a helpful source for questions about eminent domain in NC. […]

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Service of Process by certain FedEx or UPS services

June 8, 2011
Service of Process by FedEx or other designated delivery service

NC now allows Service of Process by “Designated Delivery Services” Service of process is the delivering of a summons and complaint to a defendant.  It is a step that is required to compel, or “hale”, a defendant into court.  After a defendant is properly served, if he or she (or it) fails to appear or […]

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Subscribe to email or RSS feeds

March 29, 2011

Subscribe to email feed Now, you can subscribe to this site and get new posts delivered directly to you.  On the right side of every page on this site is a subscription box.  Just enter your email address, and click “Subscribe”.  Once your request is verified (through typing a scrawled word and clicking a link […]

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North Carolina eminent domain law

March 27, 2011

As an Associate City Attorney, my primary practice area is eminent domain or land condemnation, representing the City of Raleigh in filing lawsuits to acquire private property for public projects for the City of Raleigh.  My wife, Inez de Ondarza Simmons, is also an North Carolina eminent domain lawyer, although she never represents clients against […]

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Florida Bar Journal article on 5 Tax Traps for Resident Noncitizens

December 7, 2010

Although I currently practice law in North Carolina, I am also a member of the Florida Bar.  As a member, I receive the monthly Florida Bar Journal.  It frequently contains articles that are both scholarly and useful.  In the current issue, Scott Andrew Bowman, an Associate at Proskauer Rose LLP in Boca Raton, Florida, has […]

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New iMaps for Raleigh and Wake County

September 10, 2010

The combined iMaps for Raleigh and Wake County is being improved.  Apparently, it is still in beta test form, but if you click the button image to the left you can try out the new features.  A couple of things I noticed right away are: Google street view is available from within iMaps; there is […]

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Wake County Judges’ Offices and Wake County Attorney’s Office Moving

July 20, 2010

  Update – September 16, 2011 New Wake County Trial Court Administrator Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Donald W. Stephens has appointed a new Wake County Trial Court Administrator.  To find out more, you should click here. Update – April 25, 2001 Wake County Trial Court Administrator’s Office Sallie Kearns, the first Trial Court Administrator […]

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City of Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan now On-line

March 19, 2010

The City of Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted October 7, 2009 and became effective November 1, 2009.  The full-color version is now available on-line at

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