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Johnson Hyundai Service Reviews 2017

Johnson Hyundai Service did an Outstanding Job!

Best Hyundai Service in Cary Apex Raleigh

I like to promote people who do a great job.  Sometimes they’re good friends of mine or people I’ve worked with.  Other times, they’re people I’ve recently met or people who have helped me, especially when they didn’t need to.   In every case, it’s someone (or a group of people) who has gone above and beyond.  So, today, I wanted to publicly promote Tim Gortz, the Service Manager at Johnson Hyundai in Cary, NC, and his crew.

The Problem?

My Elantra had just over 98,000 miles on it.  In the past, I had been having it serviced at a third-party, national chain that was close to my office in downtown Raleigh. Basically, I had been taking it there for tire rotations, alignments, and oil changes.

But this was an unusual situation that required a serious repair, albeit a completely different one than the very expensive one which the downtown service center recommended.  So, I started calling around trying to price a right front wheel bearing replacement.

The Solution

Luckily, I got Tim Gortz at Johnson Hyundai Service.  He asked for my mileage and VIN and had to call me back to get me a complete price. When he called back, he told me that because I was the original owner, the wheel bearing replacement would be covered under the Hyundai 10 year / 100,000 mile drive train warranty.

I got the car there, and, shockingly, it wasn’t the wheel bearing at all.  It took a little bit to diagnose, and Tim even had Greg, the Service Supervisor ride in the car with me, so that I could show him exactly what was happening.  (Greg was the mechanic in charge, you know, the guy you always see in the WHITE work shirt). Greg spotted the real problem pretty much immediately. Luckily, it was also covered under warranty.

The Process

This was a significant repair. I couldn’t drive the car safely without it, and they needed to get parts shipped in.

So, first, I had to have a car to drive. I had to get to work and, more importantly, I had to pick up and drop off my young son at school.

Tim sorted me with a very nice loaner, a 2017 Santa Fe Limited that he had to have dug out of inventory.   (Almost made me want to buy a new car.)

A couple days later, I had my trusty Elantra back and running like a top.  Tim even had it washed and cleaned inside and out.

The Prognosis

By that point, the Service mechanics had been all over my car.  So I asked one of the service guys, how much longer I could expect it to run.  Without skipping a beat, he said, “Another 100,000 miles, easy.”

Would I recommend Johnson Hyundai Service?

I was stressed because of my car, the potential cost of the critical repair, and the need to get my son back and forth to school on time.  Tim, his Service agents, Josh and Jim, his Service Supervisor Greg Montague(the head mechanic in the WHITE shirt) all did a fantastic job. They all acted in a completely business-like manner and made my life easier.

So, would I recommend Johnson Hyundai Service? In a heartbeat.

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Willkommen in North Carolina



Wir sind dabei eine neue Website zu launchen, mit der man Verbindungen mit Deutschen oder anderen deutschsprenden Leuten knüpfen kann, die sich für North Carolina interessieren, hier leben, oder sogar vorhaben, hierher umzuziehen, entweder zu arbeiten oder vielleicht ihr eigenes Geschäft zu gründen.

Deutsche, Österreicher und Schweizer in North Carolina

Es gibt eigentlich eine wachsende Anzahl von deutschsprechenden Leuten, die hier in North Carolina leben.  Manche wohnen hier nur kurzfristig, da sie nur für ein Paar Jahren vielleicht bei einer amerikanischen Tochterfirma eines Konzerns aus Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz arbeiten.  Andere leben in dem “Old North State” seit Jahrzenten. Dazu kommen eine Menge von Deutschsprachigen jedes Jahr zu Besuch nach NC.

Verbindungen mit Deutschsprachigen in North Carolina knüpfen

Je nach dem, falls man Deutsch spricht, und in Kontakt mit anderen deutschsprechenden Leuten in North Carolina kommen möchte, sollte man an unsere neue Website telnehmen.  Sie darf natürlich auch von den schon in North Carolina wohnenden Leuten benutzt werden, die doch neue Verbindungen mit Leuten die noch in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz wohnen aber sich für North Carolina interessieren, z.B. um einfach zu Besuch zu kommen oder sogar um ein neues Geschäft hier zu gründen.  Solchen Leuten könnte man von hier aus sehr behilflich sein.  Deswegen darf man bald nicht nur Ratschläge geben, Ihre eigene Umzugsgeschichte erzählen oder über Ihre deutschen Verbindungen und Gruppen in NC plaudern, sondern auch Ihre Beiträge zu posten die mit Ihnen oder Ihrer eigenen Website verlinkt sind. Dadurch kann man nicht nur anderen deutschsprechenden behilflich sein, sondern auch Links zu Ihrer Website und mehr Aufmerksamkeit von Google bekommen.

Melden Sie Sich Jetzt!

Um mitzumachen, sollten Sie sich hierunten jetzt melden. So bald die Website gelauncht wird, bekommen Sie eine Einladung Mitglied der Site zu werden. Dadurch könnten Ihre Posts und Links in dem Erstdruck veröffentlicht werden!


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Real Estate Law Creates New Private Right of Action

Ben Kuhn Raleigh Commercial Real Estate Attorney

New Private Right of Action for Damages PLUS Attorneys’ Fees for Unauthorized Practice of Law

Recently, Raleigh Real Estate Attorney Ben Kuhn gave a presentation about a new North Carolina law affecting real estate transactions. Ben spoke about North Carolina Session Law 2011-336 (Senate Bill 349), which has been passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor.  It creates a new private right of action for people harmed by the unauthorized practice of law and entitles them to recover both damages and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

To accomplish this, the Session Law enacts a new General Statute, N.C. Gen. Stat. §84-10.1. The new statute is an addition to Article 1 of Chapter 84, which governs the unauthorized practice of law.  Previously, Chapter 84, Article 1 had only permitted a District Attorney to file a civil lawsuit to seek an injunction prohibiting someone (or some corporation) from the unauthorized practice of law. (It also required, and still requires, a DA to indict such a person for the Class 1 Misdemeanor of unauthorized practice of law.) But when N.C. Gen. Stat. §84-10.1 goes into effect on January 1, 2012, private individuals will also be able to file a separate civil lawsuit against others they claim have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Moreover, unlike the District Attorney, private individuals will be able to recover their money damages as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Text of the New Statute, N.C. Gen. Stat. §84-10.1

Here is the text of the new statute, which becomes effective January 1, 2012:

N.C. Gen. Stat. §84-10.1. Private cause of action for the unauthorized practice of law.

“If any person knowingly violates any of the provisions of G.S. 84-4 through G.S. 84-6 or G.S. 84-9, fraudulently holds himself or herself out as a North Carolina certified paralegal by use of the designations set forth in G.S. 84-37(a), or knowingly aids and abets another person to commit the unauthorized practice of law, in addition to any other liability imposed pursuant to this Chapter or any other applicable law, any person who is damaged by the unlawful acts set out in this section shall be entitled to maintain a private cause of action to recover damages and reasonable attorneys’ fees.”

New Statute Also Expands North Carolina Law on Recovering Attorneys’ Fees

N.C. Gen. Stat. §84-10.1 adds to the short list of North Carolina statutes authorizing the award of attorneys’ fees. That is significant because in North Carolina you cannot recover attorneys’ fees unless a specific statute authorizes a judge to award them to you, and there are very few such statutes. This is the rule on attorneys’ fees in NC even for most business contracts, even when the parties to the contract have agreed to an attorneys’ fees provision.  To read about a new exception to this rule, you should see this post: New Statute Makes Attorneys’ Fees Provisions in Business Contracts Enforceable.

Raleigh Real Estate Lawyer Ben Kuhn

Ben Kuhn is Raleigh real estate attorney who practices commercial real estate, including

  • Retail, Office, Industrial and Commercial Leasing
  • Land and Development Acquisition and Financing
  • Zoning and Land Use Compliance
  • Development Entitlements and Permitting
Ben is also a founding member of the Real Estate Lawyers Association of North Carolina, a group focused on consumer protection in residential real estate transactions.  The association’s June 2011 update contains a detailed review of the of the new law.  To read that and other updates by the association, you should click here.
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Two New North Carolina Condemnation Cases

CarolinaCondemnationlaw.com is an online journal of North Carolina eminent domain law for eminent domain lawyers and other professionals as well as for lay people who are interested in North Carolina land condemnation law. North Carolina condemnation lawyers as well as lay people seem to find it a helpful source for questions about eminent domain in NC. Recently, the North Carolina Court of Appeals handed down decisions in two new eminent domain cases. You can read summaries of those cases by clicking on the links or photos below.

L & S Water Power, Inc. v. Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority, ___ N.C. App. ___, 2011 WL 1467366 (Apr. 19, 2011)

Lost Revenue Damages from Inverse Condemnation of Riparian Rights

This is the latest condemnation case involving the Randleman Dam and Lake, a reservoir project straddling Guildford and Randolph Counties and constructed on the Deep River by the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority (the “Water Authority”).  In this case, several hydroelectric power producers downstream of the dam filed an inverse condemnation action, alleging that the Authority had reduced the water flow of the Deep River past their facilities and had thereby taken the power producers’ riparian rights without filing a standard condemnation case or depositing any estimate of just compensation.

Town of Apex v. Whitehurst, ___ N.C. App. ___, No. COA10-697 (Jul. 19, 2011)

Inverse Condemnation from Damage to Remainder?

This is a Chapter 136 sewer easement case, in which the defendant property owners (the “Property Owners”) argued that taking a sewer easement through their forested property served a private purpose, not a public purpose, and that it resulted in a total take of their property and inverse condemnation from damage to the remainder.  The North Carolina Court of Appeals dismissed their appeal as untimely, but stepped through the procedural history anyway, and even hinted at an alternate method of dealing with similar counterclaims of inverse condemnation.

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Wake County Judges’ Offices and Wake County Attorney’s Office Moving


Update – September 16, 2011

New Wake County Trial Court Administrator

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Donald W. Stephens has appointed a new Wake County Trial Court Administrator.  To find out more, you should click here.

Update – April 25, 2001

Wake County Trial Court Administrator’s Office

Sallie Kearns, the first Trial Court Administrator in all of North Carolina recently retired.  A post about her retirement celebration and current information about the Wake County Trial Court Administrator’s Office – including Wake County Local Rules and Forms – can be found here.

Wake County Attorney’s Office has moved back home

The Wake County Attorney’s Office has moved back to their home on the 7th Floor of the Wake County Office Building, directly south of the Wake County Courthouse.

Moving Day

I wanted to let my fellow local attorneys (and their staffs) know that all of these offices are relocating to different floors in their respective buildings.  I just found out about it and thought you might want to know – for example, in case you are trying to find one of them at the eleventh hour.

For a while now, the offices of the Wake County (10th Judicial District) Superior Court Judges and the Trial Court Administrator were on the 7th floor of the Wake County Courthouse, while their 10th floor home was being renovated.   As of last Friday, they have moved back to the 10th floor.

The District Court Judges’ Office is moving now from their 11th floor location into the 7th floor space that the Superior Court Judges and the TCA have just vacated.

For more information, Lorrin Freeman, the Wake County Clerk of Court, has published a Telephone Directory of Court and Clerk Departments.

Coincidentally, in the adjoining Wake County Office Building, the Wake County Attorney’s Office has moved temporarily from the 7th floor, which is being renovated, to the east side of the 14th floor.

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Who to Call – key telephone numbers for City of Raleigh, Wake County & State of North Carolina

Whom-to-Call-September-2009 - page 1OK, technically, it’s “Whom to Call”.  And that is the title of the latest publication of frequently requested telephone numbers by the City of Raleigh Public Affairs Department.  The list contains emergency numbers and City of Raleigh Administrative Office numbers.   But it also has numbers from other City governments as well as some key Wake County, North Carolina State and Federal government numbers.  So, if you are wondering, “who do I call for that?”, click here for the Whom to Call, September 2009 PDF.

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Links to helpful databases & how to use them better

I recently added a page with helpful links to public databases. These databases are North Carolina state and local Wake County sites — and a few others  — that I regularly use in my land condemnation and real estate litigation practice areas. Instead of a simple list of hyperlinks, I have tried to comment on each database and to provide tips on using each one better. The public information contained in these databases can be very helpful in understanding the subject property in an eminent domain or land use case, which in turn, can help opposing parties better reach a settlement.  In my experience, if folks do not know what they are arguing over, it’s pretty hard to settle a lawsuit.

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