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Johnson Hyundai Service did an Outstanding Job!

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I like to promote people who do a great job.  Sometimes they’re good friends of mine or people I’ve worked with.  Other times, they’re people I’ve recently met or people who have helped me, especially when they didn’t need to.   In every case, it’s someone (or a group of people) who has gone above and beyond.  So, today, I wanted to publicly promote Tim Gortz, the Service Manager at Johnson Hyundai in Cary, NC, and his crew.

The Problem?

My Elantra had just over 98,000 miles on it.  In the past, I had been having it serviced at a third-party, national chain that was close to my office in downtown Raleigh. Basically, I had been taking it there for tire rotations, alignments, and oil changes.

But this was an unusual situation that required a serious repair, albeit a completely different one than the very expensive one which the downtown service center recommended.  So, I started calling around trying to price a right front wheel bearing replacement.

The Solution

Luckily, I got Tim Gortz at Johnson Hyundai Service.  He asked for my mileage and VIN and had to call me back to get me a complete price. When he called back, he told me that because I was the original owner, the wheel bearing replacement would be covered under the Hyundai 10 year / 100,000 mile drive train warranty.

I got the car there, and, shockingly, it wasn’t the wheel bearing at all.  It took a little bit to diagnose, and Tim even had Greg, the Service Supervisor ride in the car with me, so that I could show him exactly what was happening.  (Greg was the mechanic in charge, you know, the guy you always see in the WHITE work shirt). Greg spotted the real problem pretty much immediately. Luckily, it was also covered under warranty.

The Process

This was a significant repair. I couldn’t drive the car safely without it, and they needed to get parts shipped in.

So, first, I had to have a car to drive. I had to get to work and, more importantly, I had to pick up and drop off my young son at school.

Tim sorted me with a very nice loaner, a 2017 Santa Fe Limited that he had to have dug out of inventory.   (Almost made me want to buy a new car.)

A couple days later, I had my trusty Elantra back and running like a top.  Tim even had it washed and cleaned inside and out.

The Prognosis

By that point, the Service mechanics had been all over my car.  So I asked one of the service guys, how much longer I could expect it to run.  Without skipping a beat, he said, “Another 100,000 miles, easy.”

Would I recommend Johnson Hyundai Service?

I was stressed because of my car, the potential cost of the critical repair, and the need to get my son back and forth to school on time.  Tim, his Service agents, Josh and Jim, his Service Supervisor Greg Montague(the head mechanic in the WHITE shirt) all did a fantastic job. They all acted in a completely business-like manner and made my life easier.

So, would I recommend Johnson Hyundai Service? In a heartbeat.

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