Subscribe to email or RSS feeds

Subscribe to email feed

Now, you can subscribe to this site and get new posts delivered directly to you.  On the right side of every page on this site is a subscription box.  Just enter your email address, and click “Subscribe”.  Once your request is verified (through typing a scrawled word and clicking a link in a sign up email) you will be all set.  You won’t have to remember to check back here for new posts.  They will be emailed straight to you.

RSS Feed

There is also a new, orange RSS feed button directly below the email subscription box.  The label reads, “Click here to subscribe to new posts in your reader.”   Click the orange button or the label, and you can have your RSS reader (like Google Reader), put together and organize new posts from this site and other sites you keep up with, so you can read them whenever you want.


There is also now a button to “Follow Me on Twitter”.  Click it, and you will be taken to my Twitter feed.  Once you sign in (or join), you can click “Follow”, and my Tweets will show up in your Twitter list.

Share the site with others

Finally, you can share the site with others.  If you see a post or a page and want to tell someone about it, just click on one of the colorful icons at the bottom.  There are little “chic-let” buttons for your accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn, del.icio.us, Stumble, Digg, Technorati, and even Gmail.  Click a button, and you’re set up to share a link to the page or post.

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