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2011 Update – North Carolina Eminent Domain Cases

First Annual North Carolina Eminent Domain Case Update

So far, North Carolina condemnation lawyers as well as lay people seem to find a helpful source for questions about eminent domain in NC. Recently, has published its first annual update of North Carolina condemnation cases. This 2011 condemnation cases update includes all North Carolina eminent domain cases in both State and Federal appellate courts (i.e., cases from North Carolina in the North Carolina Court of Appeals and North Carolina Supreme Court as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court).

(This update also includes one condemnation case reported from the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.)

For each case, there is a very brief summary that includes key holdings. These cases, of course, frequently contain other important points, so you may want to read the entire text of each case. To make that easier, each summary includes links to the case at the website of the relevant appellate court. Plus, for those of you with Westlaw or Lexis accounts, there are also links to each case on those services. Finally, many of these cases already have individual posts of their own here on So, for those cases, you will also find links below to their respective posts on the Cases page.

To read the 2011 Update – North Carolina Condemnation Cases, you should click here.

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