Personal Injury

Injured in Portland? You need a Portland Personal Injury Attorney.

Outstanding Personal Injury Website for Portland, OR

Portland Personal Injury Lawyer E.J. Simmons
Portland Personal Injury Attorney E. J. Simmons

Portland Personal Injury Attorney E.J. Simmons, has a new, very helpful website for folks who have been injured by another’s negligence in or around Portland, Oregon.  The site covers topic including

If you have sustained  a personal injury in Portland, you will find lots of helpful information about personal injury on the site that explain what you will need to know to protect your claim and your family.

Portland Personal Injury Attorney E.J. Simmons

To check out the website and to see if E.J. can be of help to you, you should click here.


E.J. Simmons is, of course, my Dad and has been practicing law in Portland for 35 years.  One of his main practice areas has been helping people who have been hurt by other people’s negligence get the compensation they deserve and their families need.
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