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I am an attorney licensed in North Carolina and Florida and am also admitted to the United States District Court for both the Eastern District of North Carolina and the Southern District of Florida. I started out as an assistant DA in the former 20th Prosecutorial District of North Carolina, prosecuting everything from misdemeanors to murder cases in Anson, Stanly, Richmond, and Union Counties.

Then, for about two years, I worked in commercial litigation and product liability defense with a large Florida firm in Miami. After returning home to Raleigh, North Carolina, I began practicing eminent domain / land condemnation law in NC in 2003. In 2007, I joined the Raleigh City Attorney’s Office as an associate city attorney, and currently practice in the areas of eminent domain and general civil litigation in North Carolina state and federal courts.  Nevertheless, this is, of course, my private website, and it contains only my private work and personal views.

Interested in North Carolina Real Estate Law?

It can be hard to keep up with changing real estate laws, especially in areas of North Carolina eminent domain and other real estate litigation. One point of this site is to highlight some of the more interesting North Carolina real estate laws and how they are applied in North Carolina real estate litigation.

New to Raleigh or looking for more info on the Capital City or North Carolina?

You may be new to Raleigh or North Carolina or even just considering moving here. Another point of this site is to help you find out a little about the the Triangle area or other parts of “the Old North State” from a local professional’s perspective.

Willkommen in North Carolina German-speaking attorneys in North Carolina Also, if you are German, Austrian or Swiss and thinking of visiting or even moving to North Carolina, you will find an occasional post “auf Deutsch” about living and working in North Carolina.  Years ago, I worked in Munich as the first American summer “Praktikant” (“intern”) with Wacker Chemie, GmbH. Thereafter, I studied “Germanistik” for a year as an exchange student at the University of Tübingen (near Stuttgart).

Looking for helpful Resources about Raleigh, North Carolina, and North Carolina real estate law?

Resource Links - Portland Personal Injury Attorney, North Carolina Real Estate Trial Attorney, North Carolina Eminent Domain Attorneys, North Carolina Land Condemnation AttorneysWake County Register of Deeds

You may be looking for additional helpful resources. If so, you should definitely check out the Resource Links page. It can be a great place to start.

My contact info

You can find my current contact information on my Contact page.  From there, you can also send me an email.

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Good Legal Writing, Real Estate Litigation

Business and Real Estate Trial Lawyers Write Persuasively for a Living

Talking is Not Enough

Good trial attorneys need good oral skills. They have to make persuasive presentations to the Judge and the Jury. But being able to stand up and talk in front of an important audience is not enough. To carry the day, litigators, especially business and real estate trial attorneys, need good writing skills.

Word processing tools like “Paste Special” can help

Nowadays, persuasive writing includes using word processing tools to efficiently generate high quality documents that a Judge can easily read. One tool I use is the “Paste Special” feature in Microsoft Word. It lets you copy text in one font or format and paste it into your document so that it matches your font and format. But using “Paste Special” can be tedious. With a mouse, it takes several clicks, and remembering to use the string of “shortcut” key combinations can be annoying.

Paste Special made Easy

Recently, I discovered a much easier way to use “Paste Special”. It’s a short macro. You could record the macro yourself, but because of a Microsoft glitch, you would still have to edit the code. No trial lawyer has time for that. So, I had a computer guy program the whole macro code and then just copied it into my collection of macros in Word. Now, all I have to do to “Paste Special” and keep my documents looking sharp, is to press Alt-V. Since Ctrl-V is the default shortcut for a regular paste, using Alt-V for “Paste Special” is easy to remember and use.

Would you like the Macro?

If you would like a copy of the Paste-Special macro and the very short instructions on how to quickly install it, just shoot me an email from my Contact page.

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